This is How You Miami: A Travel Guide

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Miami is one of the trendiest hot spots in the world and one of the most popular vacation destinations in the US. North Miami Beach is a kid-friendly beach and boasts of good hotels, restaurants and the most unique Art Deco architecture. The galleries and the museums are located just 10 miles away from the beach. South Beach is very unique as it is a family-friendly beach when the sun is blazing and gets transformed into a chic hotspot as the evening descends. One can dance at one of the nightclubs, relax by the pool at one of many Art Deco hotels or simply enjoy a hearty meal at a fusion restaurant. 

When to Visit

The spring is the best time to travel to Miami Beach. The sun shines brightly between March & May and you get a chance to avoid the peak season of winter when the rates are too high. Miami enjoys a subtropical climate, which basically means that it remains warm throughout the year. If you are coming here in summer or fall then pack an umbrella as you may get unexpected afternoon showers. If possible, one should avoid coming here between June and November as it is the annual hurricane season.

Getting Around Miami Beach

The best way to explore Miami Beach is by walking. South Beach is known to be pedestrian-friendly, but you can rent a bike from a vendor if you so desire. Many travel operators suggest that you book a hotel on South Beach as you will not face any problem in walking from the beach to the hotel or to any of the shops and restaurants. The beach is very clean but still walking on barefoot is not recommended as there can be splinters of glass bottles lying around.

Best Things to do in Miami Beach

There is no point in hiding the fact that Miami Beach is for the moneyed crowd. There are expensive shopping centers such as the Lincoln Road Mall which attracts a lot of visitors. People also shell out hundreds of dollars at bars and dance clubs. But apart from all these Miami Beach has a fair share of tourist attractions which are popular among family travelers, couples and even backpackers.

Ocean Drive, South Beach


This is the most famous boulevard in the city and probably in the world too. The major characteristics of Ocean Drive are the Art Deco buildings, the crowds and the hotels which glitter with all the lights at nighttime. If you have managed to book a hotel along Ocean Drive then you can consider yourself lucky as you will be in the thick of things during your stay on Miami Beach.

Lummus Park, South Beach

lummusIf you want to experience the ‘true’ Miami Beach then you must visit Lummus Park. Here you will come across topless sunbathers, supermodels, bikini-clad women – in fact, everything that Miami Beach is famous for. Some of the best hotels of Miami are located on this stretch but there are some downsides too. The atmosphere may not be too suitable for young children and the changing rooms are not exactly clean. The sand here is a little bit coarse so barefoot walking is not recommended at all.

Bass Museum of Art, South Beach

bmusThe Bass Museum has of a good collection of domestic and international art pieces from the Renaissance to the Modern Era. The temporary exhibit in the museum is very popular and many travelers visit this museum every year just to have a look at the temporary exhibit. The Bass Museum of Art is located just a block away from the beach and one can cover this museum within an hour or so. The admission fees are $8 for adults and children under six are admitted free of charge. 

How to Save Money on Miami Beach?

The Beach does not see much footfall from business travelers. The hotel rates have a tendency to drop during weekdays, so it is a good idea to come to Miami Beach on weekdays as you can save a lot of money on room rates. There will be fewer people on the beach during weekdays, but that is not a bad thing actually.


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