Take a Hike! LA Trails You’ve Got to See

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about traveling to the beautiful city of Los Angeles? Celebrities? Food? The famous Walk of Fame? Well, even if you do think about these things, there is another far exciting and greater thing that most people often neglect to ponder about. And that is the beautiful and exotic hiking trails in LA. It is true that the place is not known for its hiking, but it absolutely should be. 

LA has a wide array of climate zones, an amazing geology and beautiful flora and fauna. The weather is almost perfect all year round. If you have an outdoorsy and adventurous personality, going out for a morning hike on the trails of LA is just the thing for you. Here is a description of some of the famous hiking trails in LA:

The Santa Monica Mountains

The Santa Monica Mountains are well-rounded and have breathtaking rolling hills, huddled up close to the Pacific Coast. The mountains also stretch wide across Hollywood. The trails on the Santa Monica Mountains are not too steep or shaded. On the trail, you will see the amazing California Grasslands and wildflower fields.

Sandstone Peak

Sandstone Peak

The famous Mishe Mokwa trail is located in the Sandstone and Tri peaks. It is considered to be the favorite trail by many tourists coming to LA. The Sandstone Peak is located in Southern California and the trails will lead you up to the peak’s highest point. You will have to withstand going through jagged peaks and riparian canyons with exhilarating views of the Pacific Ocean. If you plan to visit the City of Angels anytime soon, you just have to come here!

The Los Liones Trail to Parker Mesa

Los Liones

The Los Liones trails to Parker Mesa is a beautifully lush trail consisting of moderate climbing routes and stretches from the Pacific Palisades right to LA’s Topanga State Park and to the top of Parker Mesa. This trail provides a beautiful view of the Pacific Coast.

Temescal Canyon 

The Temescal Canyon is for the more enthusiastic hikers and trekkers. The trail has a steep and shaded canyon, also allowing an amazing view of the Pacific. The Temescal Canyon is perfect for an early morning hike.

Malibu Creek

The Malibu Creek is famous for its rock climbing, beautiful lakes and rivers, zigzag geology and stunning scenery. The Malibu Creek State Park is meant for everything. You can take a long relaxing walk in the park or scale the ridge of the Castro Crest. You absolutely have to come here once you travel to Los Angeles.

Solstice Canyon

The Solstice Canyon trail is fairly popular for its oldest stone structure and the oldest living tree. There was even a mansion built in the early 1950s in the canyon right besides a rushing waterfall.

Angeles National Forest

The Angeles National Forest consists of 655,000 acres of rugged terrain of mountains. The terrains are located right at the back of LA. There are also modern resorts and hotels constructed near the forest. The forest is perfect for intense hiking and an easy stroll.

All in all, if you are indeed traveling to LA, it is strongly advisable that you take some time out to visit these incredible hiking spots which are both exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. 


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