A Food Lover’s Guide to the NFL

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There’s a lot to being an NFL fan. Keeping up with victories and losses, injuries, and rankings. But when Sunday comes around it’s not just about the game or the sport, it’s also about the food. Tailgating is a great pastime, along with the variety of food and beer that comes along with it. And then there’s the stadium fare, ranging from the nostalgic hot dog and beer to the finer dishes that most stadiums are beginning to offer. One thing is for certain, Sunday football memories are often inseparable from the aroma of something on the grill coupled with a nice cold beer. We’ve made a list of our rankings of NFL stadiums according to the food. So if you decide to travel to another stadium to watch your team play, consider what they have cooking before making your decision.



Lambeau Field – Green Bay Packers

Previously known as the City Stadium, built in 1957, the Lambeau Field was given this name in honor of Curly Lambeau in 1965. It was a tribute to the founder of the Packers. The stadium also has a diverse menu; it serves steaks, grilled brats and has a total of 5 restaurants. And who can forget beer, oh there is plenty of that going around alright.

FedEx Field – Washington Redskins

The FedEx Field has a total of 50 concession stands but the stadium is more famous for its BBQ restaurant named Famous Dave’s. The stadium also has a couple of Johnny Rocket’s burger joints and a Hooter’s as well. So you have a lot to choose from if you are a burger and ribs fan. However, amongst all the food, perhaps the most famous thing that people order is the ‘Redskin Rita’, which is the NFL’s team’s famous margarita. However, beer is also available if you are not in the mood for the ‘Rita.

Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City Chiefs

In the Arrowhead Stadium, you cannot resist the BBQ. The stadium houses some of Kansas’ most famous BBQ restaurants, and one of the most famous is Gates. There is nothing in Kansas that can beat Gate’s beef brisket smeared with some tantalizing sauce served with cold hard beer. You just gotta love it!

Qwest Field – Seattle Seahawks

The Qwest Field is an amazing stadium which allows an awesome view of the Seattle skyline, namely, Puget Sound, Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountains. The thing that people like about the stadium is that it is located near the downtown, so you can indulge in a bit of shopping as well. Qwest also has a number of local food vendors, but it is famous for West Coast seafood.

All in all, if you are a hardcore NFL fan you have to get the full experience of the game, which includes traveling to different stadiums to soak in the game, the beer, and the food.


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