7 of the Absolute Best Saltwater Fishing Spots in the US

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Tired of spending hours at your current fishing hole just for a few good bites? Or maybe you’re just looking for somewhere with jumbo marlin, tuna, or bass – whatever suits your fancy. This list highlights the top of the food chain when it comes to saltwater fishing in the US and has something for just about everyone.

Islamorada, Florida

FishingYou know a spot has to be good when people are calling it the “Sport Fishing Capital of the World”. Located among the famous Florida Keys, Islamorada is a small village consisting of 5 islands. If you’re looking to catch some mahi-mahi, you’re in luck.

Or tuna. Or marlin. Or snapper. Islamorada is packed with marine life year round, meaning there’s always a great catch waiting right around the corner. And if things in that neck of the woods aren’t biting the way you like, just set up shop next door in one of the other rich ecosystems located throughout the Keys.

Venice, Lousiana

fishinThere are something around 4,000 oil rigs off the coast of Louisiana. This is a pretty big deal for those of us looking to catch some big, beautiful fish since the rigs create something like a massive artificial reef, attracting tons of fish from a huge variety of species.

That makes this area where the Missippi River pours into the Gulf of Mexico, otherwise known as Venice, some of the best fishing you can ask for. One popular method is chumming the waters, which will attract everything from yellowfin tuna to sharks to wahoo. From then it’s bite after bite and a whole lot of reeling.

Kona, Hawaii

When most people think of Hawaii, they’re imaging beaches, surfing, sunshine, and grass skirts. Fisherman, as we know, have a much different idea of fun. And if nothing gets you excited more than a day spent landing giant blue marlins, Kona will be a dream come true.

When the waters get warm – April or May – these marlins come out to play in abundance. They vary in size from reasonable to unreal, but rest assured there are a lot of them. You’ve also got a shot at yellowfin, other types of marlin, and more.

Biscayne Bay, Florida

fishingFlorida is known as perhaps the best overall angling destination in the entire world, so it should come as no surprise that it makes two appearances on our list. Proving it’s not all about the Keys, Biscayne Bay sports some great fishing of its own.

Bonefish are in abundance here, and it’s also a popular destination for reeling in a few tarpon. Not to mention the great trout fishing to be had.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Representing for New England is Martha’s Vineyard, a place any self-respecting striper already knows all about. Striped bass swim through the waters here in abundance during their migration, meaning there’s no better place to catch them.

You almost can’t help but land a few big ones since there’s just so many, and they practically jump in your boat for the right bait. It’s also a popular vacation destination if you need a break from hauling in all those beautiful bass.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

1-1North Carolina may not have the reputation of Florida, but when it comes to the Outer Banks, it certainly gives them a run for their money as far as the Southeast is concerned. These islands run along the coast and attract some truly great fishing. You’ve got black and red drums, flounder, and sea bass.

Then come back later in the year for a crack at some yellowfin. There are so many spots and species located throughout the Outer Banks that the opportunities are simply endless. There’s something to please pretty much any kind of angler.

Montauk, New York

Another hot bed for striped bass, this area at the end of Long Island is a great location for a fall fishing expedition. It’s right in the migratory path of a few types of fish which swim right through Montauk – and onto the end of your hook.

Along with striped bass, you’ve also got a great shot at some bluefish and false albacore. That’s certainly not all that’s available, but you’ll likely be too busy reeling them in by the handful to even think about anything else.

Set the Bait

With so many great spots to choose from, there’s only one big problem: where will you go first? Head up north for some chilly weather and all the striped bass you can handle. Or maybe down to the Keys to boat around in the sunshine in search of that huge marlin.

Whatever you decide, you really can’t go wrong with such a great list. As long as you pick the right season and pack the proper equipment, your trip is practically guaranteed to be a great one.

If you think some other destination deserved to make the list instead, make sure to let us know! Wahoo


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